• Rootikal remix of Black Roots 'Pompous Way' released on 12" vinyl

    Black Roots recently released 'On The Ground', their first album in two decades, for Bristol's Sugar Shack Records - the same good people that brought you the excellent Bristol Reggae Explosion series. The track 'Pompous Way' has been pulled from the album for a 12" single and Rootikal's David Hill and Ashley Beedle were commissioned to remix it, taking it into a melodica lead and spring-reverb flexed dub excursion.

    You can listen to the Rootikal 'Humble Yourself version' here: http://soundcloud.com/rootikal-sound-1/black-roots-pompous-way

    And you can buy here: http://www.sugarshackrecords.co.uk/record-shop/


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