The Joey Jay Archive features interviews from the legendary Kiss FM show, Word, Sound and Power, which he presented from 1986 to 1998. In the coming weeks and months we will be posting a number of these interviews with heavyweights from the world of reggae.

For those who don't know, Joey has been championing roots sounds for a very long time now - back in the late 70s he started the Great Tribulation sound system (so named due to it needing constant maintenance) with his brother Norman. The sound's GT decorated boxes would help the brothers to name the rebirth of the set as Good Times, which has been a cornerstone at Notting Hill Carnival for over 30 years now. While Norman embraced the sounds of urban Amercia, Joey stuck with his love of Jamaican music, his shows on Kiss FM, both as a pirate and as a legal station, were essential listening for London-based heads. We're honoured that Joey has given Rootikal exclusive access to some of these legendary interviews.

Joey Jay interviews Augustus Pablo - listen here

Joey Jay interviews Prince Lincoln - listen here

Joey Jay interviews Castro Brown - listen here

Joey Jay interviews The Mighty Diamonds - listen here

Joey Jay interviews Mikey Mystic - listen here

Rootikal interviews Joey Jay (August 2012) - read here

To see a selection of vintage flyers and photographs from the Joey Jay archive - click here

Joey Jay B&W head crop
Joey Jay Namibia 2000, by Tim Hetherington

Joey Jay

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Photo: David Hill